Ist plastikfrei einkaufen möglich?

Is it possible to shop plastic-free?

Shopping plastic-free - for the sake of the environment. Surely you have already thought about this and asked at the latest in the supermarket between all the shelves full of packaged groceries if this is even possible. Plastic is omnipresent in our everyday life, so much so that it is sometimes difficult to imagine life without plastic packaging. But humans are also creatures of habit and plastic waste is entirely avoidable. A whole movement has dedicated itself to the plastic waste problem and focuses on zero waste products and alternatives to plastic and packaging. Here you can find out how suitable the whole thing is for everyday use and how you can integrate plastic-free shopping into the already stressful everyday life with children.

Plastic-free shopping: completely without dogmatism

Life as a parent is often pretty fast-paced. Housekeeping, hobbies and shopping somewhere between kindergarten, school and job requires good organization and preparation. Designing a purchase in such a way that it is completely plastic-free often seems to be an insurmountable hurdle. Even with fruit and vegetables, it becomes difficult to do without plastic with a simple visit to the supermarket, especially since the work with plastic is often very hidden and difficult for laypersons to recognize, such as when sealing apples. Despite everything, it is not impossible to take groceries home unpackaged. You can find out how in this post.

Plastic-free shopping in the supermarket

If you have decided to change something for your environment and the future of your children, it is often the small steps that make a difference. Consciously avoiding plastic when shopping and thus producing less waste is a good start to a plastic-free life. Even the conscious avoidance of plastic bags saves an enormous amount of packaging waste. Instead of relying on packaging in the fruit and vegetable department, reach for the unpackaged alternatives. You can bring fabric bags from home and safely transport your fruit and vegetables in them. The same applies to bread and rolls at the bakery or your purchase at the fresh food counter. In general, but especially with fruit, make sure that the products are organic, because then you can be sure that no harmful seals are used that may contain plastic - some of which are not even vegan.

bulk stores

If you know an unpackaged shop in your area, you should definitely pay him a visit. It's also great fun for children and when filling the groceries into their own containers, even the little ones can help out and make a contribution to your purchase. In bulk stores you will usually find a wide range of dry foods, cosmetics and regional products such as fruit. You can bring your own containers, for example made of glass or alternative packaging, which will then be weighed and you can fill them. If you want to use plastic containers you already have, don't worry about judgment at bulk stores. Continued use makes much more sense than producing more plastic waste.

Farm shops and weekly markets

You can find great unpackaged offers at weekly markets or in farm shops. You often even buy directly from the producer - and knowing where the food for your food comes from gives you a much better feeling. Straight from the field unpackaged to the warehouses and shops and from there to your shopping bag without any plastic. And the environment will thank you as well, because you not only save tons of waste, but also reduce transport costs. You can then combine shopping in the farm shop with a visit to the farm, which is also a great experience for children. This makes shopping a family event and feels a lot less stressful at the same time.

Plastic free in the bathroom

Especially in the bathrooms you can find large amounts of plastic. Shampoo bottles, cosmetics, bath products and hair ties - plastic seems to be in almost every product. But if you think about the importance of plastic for the environment and the effects on your own health, switching to alternative options is not that difficult. You can gradually replace all the products you have used up with plastic-free offers. Plastic-free products are finding their way into unpackaged shops in particular, but also more and more into drugstores. The next time you go shopping, pay attention to how many different products without plastic packaging you can find. Be it toothpaste, shampoo or even toothbrushes made of bamboo - the Zero Waste movement does not stop at any product.

Your vote counts

There are now enough offers without plastic, thank God. If you know the right tips and tricks, you will hardly notice the change. Consume products made of glass, unpackaged food from organic shops, unpackaged shops or cosmetics without plastic particles - if everyone only contributes a small part, the manufacturers already get a signal that the market is ready for a plastic-free future.

Did you know that we also ship completely plastic-free? For example, we rely on sustainable tissue paper, recycled cardboard and our package inserts are made of natural paper.

We at CosyRoots also rely on GOTS-certified cotton , which you can rely on that no microplastics have been processed. With our products, we not only want to make a difference for you, but especially for your children. Slow fashion instead of fast fashion, short transport routes and durable clothing, packaged without any plastic. For our environment.

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