Organic Cotton Tops

Sustainable and cuddly soft baby jumpers and tops made from organic cotton that will make you feel great. Due to the casual cut, you are not restricted in your movements and can discover the world in a playful way. The cuddly soft fabric protects your sensitive skin and keeps you warm.

Sustainable baby sweaters and tops

With our cuddly soft baby sweaters and tops you are always well dressed all year round and at the same time you are nice and cozy. We manufacture our tops exclusively from GOTS-certified organic cotton and provide them with our attractive designs - simple and yet child-friendly. Thanks to the velvety soft material, our knitted T-shirts, sweatshirts and baby sweaters nestle perfectly against your body shape and are comfortable to wear. Our tops are slightly oversized for a more casual look.
The sweaters, baby sweaters and t-shirts are perfectly matched to our leggings, booties and beanies, so mum and dad can put together wonderful sets for you! At Cozy Roots we only offer the best for the delicate baby skin of our little ones!

Good reasons for our baby tops

Made from sustainable GOTS-certified organic cotton

Our clothing is made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, making it hypoallergenic, cuddly soft and reducing the risk of skin reactions and allergies

Oversize cut

So that you always feel comfortable and are not restricted in your natural movements.

Minimalist designs

Our collections are designed in such a way that they can be perfectly combined with each other and with each other. In our opinion, less is more.

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Is organic cotton better than regular cotton?

A very clear yes! Because the advantages already begin with the cultivation of organic cotton. The environment benefits here, as particular attention is paid to reducing water and energy consumption. No chemicals may be used during cultivation, which in turn benefits us. Because products made from GOTS-certified organic cotton are absolutely free of chemicals. This is particularly important with babies' delicate skin, since the immune system is weak and the skin is still very sensitive. Organic cotton is cuddly soft and prevents allergies and skin irritation.
The many social criteria that are taken into account in the certification also ensure fair working conditions. The farmers and workers work regular hours and fair wages. In addition, there is no forced or child labor. The above-mentioned factors significantly increase the quality of life of the workers. Thus, the consumer can buy GOTS-certified products with a clear conscience and contribute something to the topic of sustainability and our environment.

Why do you only offer up to size 104?

In order to be able to respond precisely to your needs, we are initially offering our baby sweaters and tops up to size 104.

How expensive is shipping within Germany?

Shipping within Germany costs €2.50 with DHL. From a purchase value of 40 € we take care of the shipping costs for you.