Organic Cotton Baby Blankets

Are you still looking for a cuddly and sustainable baby blanket for your little one or for a sustainable gift? Then you will love our blankets!

So soft and made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, our knitted blankets are an absolute all-rounder for the whole year.

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Cosy Roots baby blanket

Cuddly soft knitted blankets for your baby

A baby blanket usually accompanies you throughout your childhood and sometimes even into adult life. That's why you deserve a cuddly blanket that feels particularly soft on your delicate skin and is also visually convincing. You will love to snuggle up in our baby blankets made of knitted GOTS-certified organic cotton. Our large knitted blankets are real all-rounders that will accompany you throughout the year.
Our baby blankets also put a smile on the faces of expectant mothers as a gift for birth. Due to our beautiful, simple design, they are also suitable as a cozy blanket for the sofa at home or on the go.

Good reasons for our baby blanket

Cuddly soft made from GOTS-certified organic cotton

Our knitted blankets are cuddly soft and made from GOTS-certified organic cotton.

With a beautiful pointelle pattern

Our blankets are available in our 5 exclusive colors - all have the beautiful Pointelle pattern knitted in, which makes the blanket an absolute eye-catcher.

With a beautiful bow

You will receive our blankets together with the beautiful bow - perfect as a gift!

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What are the dimensions of your blankets?

Our knitted blankets have the dimensions 90x90cm - ideal for snuggling up, for on the go and of course also in the Maxi-Cosi and in the pram.

What material are the blankets made of?

Our blankets are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. Cuddly and wonderfully suitable for every season.

Do you deliver the blankets with the bow?

Yes! We send the blanket together with the beautiful bow - this makes them a perfect gift for birth.