Sustainability 🌱

The topic of sustainability is particularly important to us, because only the best is actually good enough for the delicate skin of our little ones 🌱 So we have set ourselves the goal of showing the little ones how important it is to pay attention to the environment - and with it also on the clothes they wear.

We at Cozy Roots made a conscious decision to be officially certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and to focus on sustainability and #sustainability with every step we take.

GOTS certificate

(Our certificate number)

In October 2021 we received our GOTS certificate and are proud to be a certified sustainable company.

Because the thought of quality and sustainability begins long before the creation of a new collection. We design every single product ourselves and it often takes several months from the first vision, through the drawing to the final product. It's a long process of creation - far from fast fashion.

Blanket and sweater organic cotton

Because we want to offer you real added value in your wardrobe. With clothing that is well thought out, sewn/knitted from the highest quality materials and of course free from harmful chemicals.

Always with the aim of designing collections that are not subject to any seasons or seasons, but on the contrary can be worn all year round 🌱 Because less is actually more and the term #slowfashion is so incredibly important. We also focus on the idea that each individual piece from our collection can be perfectly combined with one another and therefore only a few, but high-quality pieces are needed in the closet to conjure up beautiful and, above all, sustainable outfits.

Organic Cotton - sand

(Our exclusive color Sand, every single item from the Sand Collection can be wonderfully combined with all the other pieces from the other collections - our sand shoes from the Earth Collection are particularly popular)