Go Vegan! Vegane Ernährung für Anfänger

go vegan Vegan diet for beginners

At least since films like “The Game Changers” and “Cowspiracy” something has changed in the diet of the population. More and more people are becoming vegan and it has been a long time since it was a trend. It is a movement of people who want to live healthier lives, want to live more sustainably and above all: do not want to cause animal suffering. And where it was still difficult a few years ago and meant a lot of sacrifices, more and more companies are now starting. Going vegan has become easy and the many different products that replace meat and dairy products make changing your diet and making the transition easy. The vegan scene makes vegan nutrition particularly easy for beginners with lots of vegan recipes and basic knowledge that is available almost everywhere free of charge. So that you don't have to search your fingers sore, we have helpful tips for you and your easy transition to a vegan diet in the following article.

Vegan diet for beginners - Here's how

So you have decided to go vegan and have taken what is probably the most important step in your transition. Most people who would like to change their diet to vegan despair right from the start, because they think that a vegan diet also means doing without. Many also lack the necessary basic knowledge to not only omit animal foods, but to replace them with healthy alternatives. And at the latest when everyday life gets stressful and new routines have not yet been established, you often fall into old patterns. Vegan nutrition has long since ceased to be a problem in everyday life in Germany. So that you can get a feeling for what you need, get rid of vegan clichés and upgrade your kitchen with delicious vegan recipes, we have summarized the simplest tips for you:


1. Good reasons for a vegan life

It will definitely be easier for you to change your diet if you have good reasons why you want to eat vegan. Good reasons can be, for example, the benefits for your health that a vegan diet brings with it. Many human health problems can be traced back to diet. A vegan diet is therefore the right step for your health. Another reason why changing your diet is absolutely right is the aspect of sustainability. Vegan is good for our environment, because as a vegan you save around 2 tons of greenhouse gases a year.


There are certainly many good reasons for switching to a vegan diet. But the main argument for eating vegan is probably animal suffering. Animals suffer not only from slaughter, but also from the exploitation of animals for eggs, wool or milk. So if you want to prevent animal suffering and want to work for the protection of animals, you should not only switch to a vegan diet as a logical consequence, but also live vegan and free from animal suffering.


2. Every small step is a step in the right direction

Sometimes it is difficult to establish a new routine or the radical change poses problems. In most cases, the right basic knowledge of what a healthy vegan diet should look like is missing. Sometimes there are steps backwards or you don't find a vegan alternative right away on the way and still reach for something vegetarian. But regression is human. Keep your goal in mind and don't let small setbacks deter you. If you find it difficult to make a radical change, then gradually leave out one more product and replace it with a vegan alternative. Get inspiration for recipes and life models on social media and blogs and acquire solid knowledge about vegan nutrition. In his book “Vegan Klischee ade”, for example, the social media star Nico Rittenau clears up common prejudices and gives beginners help so that they can avoid mistakes and make the transition easy.


3. Vegan cuisine - what else can you eat?

You probably know the phenomenon: You come out as a vegan and the slogans of the regulars' table are banged on the table. You will be asked what you can still eat and if it isn't unhealthy without milk and meat. Discussion pointless - because the opinion of your counterpart is usually deadlocked anyway and what is important above all is that you know better. Vegan recipes for beginners don't just consist of a salad with bread, I promise. The variety of vegan cuisine knows no limits and almost every recipe can be veganized with just a few products. Work your way through your kitchen cupboards and take in how many of the foods you use to cook with are naturally vegan. Now all you have to do is combine them and delicious vegan recipes are created. And thanks to fresh fruit and vegetables, most of them are real express recipes for a quick hunger.


4. Together you eat less alone

Find other vegans. That may sound a bit clumsy, but your environment definitely contributes to the success of your changeover. If you only hear counter-speech and have to justify and defend yourself and your diet all day, it will probably hit you on the psyche. That's why it can help to meet other like-minded people. You can also learn so much and stay up to date. Cooking together, discovering new foods and exchanging recipes lets you broaden your culinary horizons and it is not for nothing that they say that the way to the heart is through the stomach.

Vegan for beginners is not rocket science. Familiarize yourself with nutrients, foods and vegan recipes and you will see how easy the transition will be for you. Vegan cuisine provides you with a healthy and balanced diet if you don't just focus on substitute products and your diet will include lots of fruit and vegetables. Nevertheless, there can be small setbacks - but don't let that deter you. Have your goal clearly in mind and always remember how much animal suffering you avoid when you change your diet and live vegan. go vegan

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