About us

We at Cosy Roots are a young start-up from Düsseldorf with the aim of making the world a little bit better and safer for your little ones 🌱


I'm Karen, mom of 2 daughters (8 and 5) who sweep through our lives like a whirlwind every day.



As a mom, I know how difficult it is to find the right shoes that stay on your feet and that you don't lose at every corner. I also know how important it is to give the children a secure hold and thus self-confidence when crawling and walking (learning). Nowadays, however, many products are full of pollutants, so that the delicate baby skin is not doing a favor.

For this reason, we have set ourselves the goal of creating the perfect shoes for you. I lived in Turkey on the beautiful west coast for 7 years and found a small studio there for you that meets all my criteria and high standards in terms of quality, materials and fair working conditions. This studio is now producing these wonderful baby moccs for you in loving handwork. Turkey is known for outstanding quality especially in terms of materials and I am happy to finally be able to present you with the perfect baby shoes!


Because only together can we achieve something and protect the world 🌍 and above all the environment to create a natural basis for our children 🌱



🌱 our shoes are 100% vegan and are made of carefully selected and, above all, sustainable materials

🌱 the non-slip and flexible sole gives your little ones more grip when crawling and walking (learning)

🌱 the thin sole allows you to learn natural movements

🌱 the velvety soft material supports the natural development of the feet

🌱 the shoes are washable and therefore very hygienic

🌱 naturally free of pollutants

🌱 the shoes protect against cold ground and therefore also against cold feet