Vegan Shoes
First Walkers Baby

The world belongs to you and is just waiting for you to discover it anew every day. Our vegan and sustainable shoes are the perfect companions for your small and large discovery tours. Step by step, they help you to discover your environment full of curiosity. Get your favorite pair and learn to stand on your own feet with our baby walkers.

Our vegan slippers

Sustainable baby shoes made from recycled material

With the big goal in mind of making the world a little better and making our contribution to an intact environment, we decided to use recycled materials for our shoes.

With every meter of fabric that we use to manufacture our shoes, nature is helped and, among other things, PET bottles are fished out of the sea, processed and processed into new fabric.

Together we are strong for a better and cleaner environment!

Vegan shoes for little explorers

It's always really nice and cuddly on mum's or dad's arm. But slowly you would rather discover the world on your own feet. Thanks to the non-slip soles, you are safe right from the start with our vegan shoes, because we have them in small sizes for newborns and as walking shoes for older children. In our shop, mom and dad can easily find the right size for you. Of course, our shoes are free of harmful substances and breathable, so that your little feet don't sweat even in hot climates. At the same time, they keep you comfortably warm even in cold temperatures and protect you from wind and weather on your little adventures. They are suitable both as indoor slippers and as walking shoes for outdoors on soft floors. Our shoes can even be taken into the pool and the sea, where they retain their anti-slip properties. Thanks to the high-quality and recycled material, they are extremely comfortable and nestle perfectly against your feet with the soft elastic band.

Good reasons for our shoes

Vegane Babyschuhe

Vegan and non-toxic

Our shoes are handmade from sustainable and recycled materials, are cuddly soft and have a very flexible sole.

Washable at 30 degrees

You are welcome to wash our shoes at 30 degrees in the washing machine. Use a laundry net to protect the slippers. Please do not use a dryer!

Slip-resistant and breathable

The perfect walking shoes for indoors and outdoors. Our shoes are suitable for winter & summer and are available in beautiful and exclusive designs.

Frequently asked Questions

When should I buy the first shoes?

The question of when is the right time for the first shoes depends entirely. We offer our vegan booties in different sizes, namely from 17 to 29, so mum and dad can buy them for a newborn or older baby. Our shoes are also ideal as slippers for daycare.

When do walking shoes make sense?

Our shoes are perfect as learning to walk shoes or barefoot shoes. You can even take our slippers into the pool and into the sea.
Basically, it depends on you when you are ready to take your first steps. Babies usually start learning to walk between the ages of 10 and 18 months. It is not only the age that is decisive here, but also the individual level of development. Every baby is different and every little sparrow knows exactly when it feels ready to stand and walk on its own two feet.

What material are the vegan slippers made of?

Our shoes are handmade from sustainable and recycled materials and are 100% vegan and soft to the touch. High quality is important to us, so we pay attention to the origin of our materials and flawless workmanship so that we can explore the world extensively and romp around to our heart's content. Our shoes are very breathable and keep your feet nice and warm at the same time. The soft elastic band ensures maximum comfort so that there are no pinches or pinches. Thanks to the non-slip soles, they are ideal as baby shoes for learning to walk.

Can the shoes go in the washing machine?

Yes, you are welcome to wash our shoes at 30 degrees in the washing machine. Be careful not to spin too much and it is best to use a laundry net to protect the shoes.

Can I also take the shoes into the sea and the pool?

A very clear yes ;) Even at the pool and when wet, our shoes retain their non-slip properties and protect your little one from hot and slippery floors, as well as from sharp stones and shells in the sand.