Hausschuhe Kita: Diese Eigenschaften müssen sie erfüllen

Nursery slippers: These are the features they must meet

“Dinosaurs, no, unicorns! Or no, just green, they have to be green!” Children know exactly which shoes they like and it is no different with slippers. New slippers are also on the shopping list for daycare or kindergarten and children's eyes shine at the sight of glitter and neon colors. While you naturally want to fulfill your child's design wishes, there are far more important criteria than appearance that should be considered when buying. If you are unsure which materials and models have the best fit and offer the highest level of comfort, you can find out here which slippers are ideal for kindergarten.

Why not barefoot? That's why children need slippers in daycare

The best shoes are no shoes at all. Children love running around barefoot and it is actually important for the development of the feet to let your child play barefoot as often as possible. But bare feet are unfortunately not allowed in kindergarten. At least in Germany, wearing slippers is compulsory. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, it is important in order to be able to comply with hygiene standards. Especially in summer, when the sandals are brought out and the socks stay at home, unpopular infections can be passed on through bare children's feet. Athlete's foot, nail fungus, warts and other skin infections can spread quickly among 20 children running barefoot. Secondly, slippers offer a certain amount of protection against injuries. If you only wear socks, you can quickly slip and hurt yourself and a bare foot stepping on Lego is also very uncomfortable. Therefore, every child who attends a daycare or kindergarten needs the right slippers.

Which slippers are suitable for kindergarten?

Children spend several hours in kindergarten every day. Therefore, the slippers must be of high quality and meet certain requirements so as not to damage the little feet. The shoes must be very comfortable and must not pinch or even hurt. Only when the quality is right should you pay attention to the price or color when buying. It can be annoying to spend more money on children's slippers when feet are growing so quickly, but the first few years of walking are crucial for the rest of our lives. Slippers for daycare and kindergarten should definitely meet these criteria:

Pleasant fit and high wearing comfort

Slippers for children must not be hard and uncomfortable. The child's foot must feel free and be able to move easily. Therefore, pay attention to the material of the slippers. If the sides and sole are very hard and stiff, it is better to choose a different model. The size must also be right. The slippers must not be too small and constrict the toes. But in a shoe that is too big and wide, the foot cannot find any support and slides around. In many specialist shops, children's feet can be measured to determine the right size. In our online shop you will also find a helpful size chart that you can use to find the right size for our ultra-comfortable (house) shoes. It is best to have the child with you when buying and choosing slippers so that they can try them on. This way you can better compare different models and find the best slippers for your child.

Non-slip for child safety

Kindergarten children move around a lot and are fast. This is completely normal and healthy for their development. But the more they run, the higher the risk of slipping and injuries can result. Therefore, slippers for kindergarten should definitely have a non-slip sole to give children a good grip. For example, we have used a special, non-slip sole for our Cosy Roots children's slippers, which ensures maximum safety.

Breathable for healthy feet

Sweaty children's feet are neither healthy nor hygienic. Therefore, children's slippers should be breathable. To do this, they must be made from materials that transport moisture to the outside and allow the feet to breathe. Synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon and polyacrylic are not only bad for the environment, but also ensure that heat builds up on the feet and is not exchanged. Natural materials such as wool, cotton, hemp, leather and felt, on the other hand, are well suited to the foot climate. Because the inner material of our vegan slippers is made of 100% cotton, it allows children's feet to breathe and warms them efficiently on cold days.

Easy to put on and take off

Nothing is more frustrating for a little person than a shoe that they cannot put on and take off by themselves. With the right fastener and a fit that is not too tight, even 2-year-old children can put on their slippers without help. With elastic or Velcro fasteners, you are not only doing your child a favor, but also the teachers, who do not have to put slippers on each child individually. Since we have children ourselves and know the problem, we have chosen a soft elastic band for our shoes.

Soft and flexible sole

A very soft and flexible sole for children's slippers is extremely important for balance and freedom of movement of growing children's feet. Walking barefoot in kindergarten is not possible, but with a soft and flexible sole, such as our Cosy Roots sole, it will almost feel like it! When trying on the slippers, check the lower part of the shoe and make sure that the feet can move easily. To test this, the child can stand on tiptoes, for example. If the sole of the shoe is difficult, you should choose a different model.

Washable slippers

You have found the perfect slippers that your child also likes and that meet all the important criteria. Your child even likes them so much that he has decided not to wear his rubber boots - and has played and romped around in the mud in the kindergarten yard. To avoid ruining your beautiful slippers and having to buy new ones straight away, you can choose a model that can be washed. If you choose our Cosy Roots children's slippers, you can quickly put them in the washing machine and they will shine like new!

Vegan barefoot shoes from Cosy Roots

If you are looking for the ideal slippers for daycare and kindergarten, we would like to introduce you to our vegan shoes , which are perfect for fun games and romping. They are so soft that the foot can move freely and at the same time have a non-slip sole. They are breathable, odorless and keep children's feet warm even on cold days. The soft elastic band means they stick well to the child's foot and can be put on and taken off independently. They are also free of harmful substances, vegan and can be easily washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. With our helpful size chart you can find the right size for your little one depending on the length of their foot. From learning to walk to starting school: the comfortable shoes support the feet and help the child to discover the world!

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