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With children on the beach: 3 tips for a relaxed beach holiday

Do you remember the time before your children, without big bags full of all sorts of things like toys, diapers, wipes, stuffed animals and so on? Let's not be under any illusions, even a day at the beach looks very different with children than as a couple. With children, every excursion becomes an experience and every family holiday requires meticulous planning in advance so that nothing is forgotten. But don't panic, once everything is packed, the holiday will be an unforgettable pleasure, which the children will talk about for a long time and the parents can draw on. Sun, sea and beach - regardless of whether the children are older, with a toddler or baby, a beach holiday is always a good idea. In the following article you will find out which must-haves should not be missing on a family holiday by the sea and what children really need on the beach.

Our must-haves: This is what children need on the beach

If the next holiday is to take place under palm trees, one or the other day at the beach should not be missing. It's quite a challenge, especially with children, because the parents have to think of all sorts of things so that the trip doesn't end in total disaster. So that you have the most important things and tools in your beach bag and your stay can be stress-free, we have summarized the best tips for you.

1. The best beaches for the little ones

When planning your next vacation by the sea, you should take a close look at the beaches. Sand is not just sand and most sandy beaches are indescribably beautiful, but not always the perfect choice for families with children. For example, it can happen that the beach with the most beautiful sand offers absolutely no shade, or the wonderfully clear water can only be found on the coast, where bathing is almost impossible due to heavy waves, especially for the little ones. To find the perfect place for your beach vacation, here are our tips when choosing beaches:

  • Even if soft and fine sand feels great underfoot, it is unsuitable for building sandcastles. The best sand also contains small stones and shells: not only does it offer more pleasure when building, you will also be grateful when washing out your bathing suit.
  • Lots of space to romp, play and splash in the mud - the perfect beach for families is outside the tourist hotspots. Instead of arguing with hundreds of holidaymakers for loungers, it's worth bringing your own beach shelter and finding a quiet spot.
  • There should be an opportunity to take a nap in the afternoon. Not only small children tend to need a break after extensive games in the sea and on the beach at midday, when the heat is greatest. Make sure there is enough shade or suitable sun protection such as a parasol to give your children and yourself the opportunity to enjoy a moment of peace.

2. UV Protection: Not just for kids

The fact that sunscreen is essential for children is perfectly clear to most parents. But when everyone is provided with sunscreen, those who are responsible for applying sunscreen often forget themselves. Not only sunscreen with sun protection factor 50 belongs in the beach bag, sun hat and UV swimwear can also protect against the sun's rays and prevent sunburn. The sun's rays should not be underestimated, especially near water or in the sea or lake, and with the right clothing and sunscreen, UV protection can be ensured over a longer period of time. If a baby is traveling with you, watch out for shadows. As beautiful and pleasant as the sun is, it can do more damage to the sensitive skin of the little ones, so you should always have appropriate sun protection, such as a parasol or a beach shelter, with you for small children.

3. Activities for kids

Depending on the age of your child, it is enough to just drive to the beach and enjoy the huge sandpit there. But if you have a baby or if the kids are older, the needs that the beach search is based on will also change. Anyone who now thinks that such a baby is certainly the least demanding is wrong: Especially for parents of a baby it makes sense to make sure when choosing accommodation that it is close to the beach. For example, to avoid long distances and not having to lug all the things that a baby needs, such as diapers, beach towels and umbrellas for naps and much more, over long distances. But there are also a lot of things for small children that can significantly increase the fun factor on the beach:

  • A Treasure Hunt : Organize a little treasure hunt with your kids. All you need is a prepared message in a bottle, small clues and a chest with treasure that you can easily bury in the sand. So the children are busy for a while and the parents can relax and watch the hustle and bustle.
  • Wave Ball : More for older children is a round of Wave Ball. All you need is a water ball, the higher the waves, the harder it is to play the ball back and forth. But be careful: If the temperatures are high and the sun is shining, the risk of sunburn and sun sting is high. Therefore drink a lot and only play in the water with UV clothing.
  • Sand Toys : Nobody is too old to build a sandcastle. It doesn't matter whether it's mum, dad or the grandparents, when the children start building, the whole family quickly gets involved. Fun that hardly anyone can resist. With the right sand toy, it's even more fun.

A day or holiday by the sea is an experience for the whole family if you are prepared accordingly. Many beaches are very suitable for parents with babies or toddlers who want to spend even less time in the water and want to focus on the beach and the surrounding area. If the children are older, you should also make sure that the beaches you want to visit are suitable for swimming and splashing around. A life jacket ensures safety, not only for non-swimmers, because the current of the water should not be underestimated. And with our tips, nothing will go wrong. Have fun!

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