Erstausstattung Baby: Eine Liste im Sinne der Nachhaltigkeit

Basic baby equipment: A list in terms of sustainability

Less is more. If you want to approach the basic equipment for the baby from the point of view of sustainability, it is not only about the use of sustainable products and raw materials, but it is also about reducing to what is really necessary.

If you put fewer items on the baby first equipment list, fewer resources are used for their production overall. Sustainability starts here! First, we will show you the most important things that you need for the initial equipment of your baby. Then we will go into general topics and show you how to shop more sustainably and what you should pay attention to when choosing the materials.

You really need this initial equipment: A checklist

We would like to show you what really belongs on the list of basic equipment in terms of sustainability. Some things should be bought new, but others can also be bought second-hand, borrowed from friends or passed on to the neighborhood or circle of friends - from newborn to newborn.

baby cradle

used | borrow | buy new ✗

A cradle is really useful, especially in the first few weeks. Especially when it's mobile. You always have your baby close by and can take care of the little one in the best possible way, breastfeed it or give it a bottle and have it close by. But after the first few weeks, the baby will already be too big and become more agile, so buying a new cradle is only partially worthwhile.


used | borrow | buy new ✓ 

Of course you can also borrow a cot or buy it used. Since you will really be using it for several years, it is also worth buying a new one. Especially if you buy a modular cot that first serves as an extra bed and from which you can later remove the bars. If you take it used, you should buy a new mattress so that everything is hygienically clean.

changing table

used | borrow | buy new ✓ 

The changing table will accompany you for some time and also has a design aspect in the children's room. Therefore, a used or new purchase really makes sense. Keep an eye out for changing tables that you can later convert into a normal dresser, then the purchase is even more worthwhile.

Tips for sustainable diaper changing

- If possible, use cloth or eco-friendly diapers.

- Use sustainable, vegan natural cosmetics without paraffins and other unnatural or even harmful substances.

- Make reusable wet wipes yourself: Take an old towel and cut it into small rags or already missed washcloths and put them in a sealable container. With 250 ml of boiled water and a tablespoon of coconut oil, you can make an excellent lotion that gently cares for your baby's intimate area. Pour the water and oil mixture over the washcloths and close the can. Stored like this, you can use the damp cloths for several days and the dirty ones simply go into the laundry.


used | borrow | buy new ✓ 

Even if you could theoretically rent a stroller or buy it used, we still recommend buying a new one. On the one hand, newer strollers are usually even more ergonomic and safer than earlier models and, on the other hand, a stroller will accompany you until you are a toddler. Decide on a combi stroller that you can convert - which is initially equipped with a baby seat and can later accommodate a seat. When buying a new one, make sure that the stroller is made from recycled plastic.


used | borrow | buy new ✓ 

At the beginning it is definitely worth borrowing different types of slings from friends to see which model you and your baby get along with best. Once you have found the right type and gotten an overview, you can buy a new one or perhaps find it in a second-hand shop. It is even better to visit a babywearing consultation after the birth. Here you will be advised by a trained specialist, you can try out the different carrying systems and find the one that suits you and your baby perfectly.

Sustainable clothes and shoes for your baby

used | borrow | buy new ✓ 

Especially with baby clothes you can very well rely on a mix of new and used. You can buy super second-hand things that you rarely need, such as a warm snow suit. You will see that the first few months will fly by and your baby will quickly outgrow the initial equipment. A new purchase is therefore absolutely not worthwhile.

In any case, you should always rely on very good materials. Organic cotton works best here. We'll get into that in a bit more detail later. Relying on sustainability for baby clothing also means: durable and long-lasting. Basically, it is enough if you first get the following things as initial equipment:

  • 5-6 rompers and bodysuits. Take a look at our Organic Knit Dungarees dungarees, for example. You will surely like them very much.
  • 3-4 leggings such as the Organic Rib Leggings made from GOTS-certified organic cotton.
  • 2-3 beanies, hats or scarves to protect your baby from the effects of wind and weather.
  • 2 pairs of shoes - preferably our vegan first walkers in 3 different collections.
  • A jacket, a few socks and a sleeping bag complete the basic equipment, depending on the season.

By the way: if you want to make expectant parents happy, take a look at our cute gift sets .


used | borrow | buy new ✓

Did you know that you can also rent toys? On some platforms you can borrow really wonderful toy packages and bring variety into your house without having tons of toys in the corners. And also used toys are a really nice addition to some new parts.

In general, a newborn doesn't need that many toys in the first few months. A pretty mobile over the crib, a cuddly toy and a homemade crackling blanket are all you need to pass the time for your baby. Only gradually can toys be made or bought separately.

What you don't (absolutely) need

You don't need to buy your own baby bath, because on the one hand this is unnecessary use of plastic and on the other hand your own bath or a large sink is absolutely sufficient for your baby.

If your baby is due in winter, you may need a radiant heater near the changing table, as your newborn is not yet able to regulate its body temperature very well. And even with summer babies, the radiant heater can create a feel-good place for your baby after bathing. However, a new purchase is only worthwhile in the rarest of cases, the operating time is far too short. Ask around, surely there is someone in your circle of friends who can lend you one.

What makes sustainability in the initial equipment?

Sustainability refers to various aspects that not only play a role in the initial equipment for a newborn. Let's take a look at the main points:

The right materials are the basis for sustainable products. You should avoid those made of plastic and think about using more vegan materials. GOTS-certified organic cotton is particularly suitable . This is produced under strict guidelines and the workers who produce the cotton are not neglected either. We are very proud that our cotton is certified to this standard.

When it comes to wood, you should also rely on renewable raw materials and choose either a bed or a changing table made of bamboo or other sustainable and regional types of wood. Plastic parts should definitely be avoided.

Fair trade products are generally to be preferred. In the context of sustainability, social responsibility also plays an important role. How can you buy something with a clear conscience when you know that most of the people in the product's value chain have been exploited.

The longevity of a product is also an important aspect of sustainability. The higher quality something is made of and the longer it can remain in use, the more sensible are the resources used.

Extra tip at the end:

A cherry pit pillow is a great addition to your baby's initial equipment. You can use it in many different ways and it is completely natural - especially if you pay attention to an organic cotton cover.

You can use the cherry pit bag to warm your chest, for example. This really gets the milk flow going and offers your baby pleasant warmth when you put it on.

Later, you can gently massage the baby's tummy with the cherry stone bag to protect it from cramps and stimulate digestion.

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