Samtweiche Babyschuhe für die natürliche Entwicklung

Velvety soft baby shoes for natural development

As a mother of two girls (meanwhile 4 and 7 years old) I know the problem of finding the right shoes all too well! Some keep slipping off their feet, others pinch and then don't want to be carried by the little ones and in the next few children's feet sweat because the material is not air-permeable. How long did we search and spend a lot of money on products that ended up just lying in the corner 🙈😅.

Baby feet, barefoot vegan non-slip washable

Then there was always the fact that Luisa liked to put her feet in her mouth all day long. But the thought of constantly sucking on leather materials made me sick to my stomach.

So many chemicals are used in the processing of leather. "Not only non-toxic substances are used for tanning, dyeing and gluing." -baby-assisted-in-motor-development/%3famp). So it was clear to me that the first shoes had to be made of fabric.

And so, during our 7-year stay in Turkey, I found a small studio that initially only produces the beautiful baby moccs for us and now also for you in loving handwork. The slippers are made of velvety soft material to support the natural development of baby's feet. In addition, they are washable (oh yes, we all know how much the minis like to muddy ❤️), breathable and of course non-slip to help the little ones crawl and walk (learn) and give them more self-confidence.

It was very important to me that the shoes are also made completely vegan 🌱, because we also want to do our part to keep the environment intact 🌍. We may not be vegan, but we are vegetarian and celebrate the topic of sustainability every day.
I am very happy to let you participate more in our turbulent life in the future and to grow together ❤️

Your Karen

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