🌾 Ab welchem Alter wir unsere veganen Schuhe empfehlen

🌾 From which age we recommend our vegan shoes

Hello dears 🤍

I am often asked when we will start recommending our shoes.

And I can only say again and again, from birth 🤍

Because our baby shoes keep little feet warm and protected right from birth and don't let the cold wind through your socks and/or romper, especially in winter. Our slippers can also replace socks in summer and round off every outfit perfectly 🌿 Thanks to the practical cotton bag, our baby shoes are the perfect birth present - be it for a baby shower or birth. Here we recommend size 17 . Our baby elephants and our rainbows are particularly popular with newborns.

Our crawling shoes then become really useful from the crawling age 🤍

At this age, our size 18 fits perfectly and the shoes help your little ones learn to crawl. The non-slip sole gives the minis more grip and no longer slips away. In addition, the problem with the constantly slipping stopper socks is eliminated ☺️ Because our shoes fit perfectly on the foot and keep little feet warm and protected. We are happy to recommend our darker models for this age, as they do not get dirty so quickly. Our Arche Noahs and the Vintage Horses are very popular.

At the latest when your minis start to walk and discover the world, our slippers offer support for the first steps 🤍

Not only the non-slip sole is perfect here, but also the very soft and flexible material helps your little ones to feel the ground better and thus to learn to walk better and above all more safely. Our shoes are also so light and flexible that your little ones won't feel them and their little feet won't be constricted. For a healthy development of small feet 🌿 The minis often learn to put on and take off their shoes on their own. Thanks to the very flexible rubber band, our slippers can be easily put on and taken off and self-confidence is strengthened. Of course, you can also take the slippers with you anywhere at any time, because they don't take up any space and are optimally packed in our cotton bags. No more endless searching in overcrowded diaper bags ☺️ and the shoes are always ready to hand and ready to use. Most of the time our 19/20 fits perfectly around the first birthday and for learning to walk. Have you already seen our sand shoes from the Earth Collection? The Classy Flowers are also very popular 🤍

When your minis go to daycare or kindergarten , you can give our slippers as slippers 🤍 Because you can wash the shoes, they are very hygienic. In addition, the feet of your minis can move freely at all times and are neither constricted nor start to sweat throughout the day at daycare. Your little ones' feet will thank you and many educators are already recommending our slippers for daycare. Our Crazy Dogs or the Cozy Butterflies are often worn in kindergarten.

I hope I could help you a little further ❤️

Your Karen

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