Capsule Wardrobe - Weniger ist mehr: Ein Leitfaden für Anfänger

Capsule Wardrobe - Less is More: A Beginner's Guide

The capsule wardrobe is currently a mega trend. But what is behind this rather strange term? How can you implement a capsule wardrobe and which pieces do you really need in your closet? We want to get to the bottom of these and many other questions in our guide for beginners.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

Let's start with a description of the term: Capsule means something like capsule or bowl and Wardrobe simply means wardrobe or wardrobe - so a capsule wardrobe - but what does that mean?

You may be familiar with the term capsule hotel. These are hotels that have been reduced to the essentials and where you sleep in a small capsule-like room. Here the bed, the wardrobe and storage options are housed in a very small space.

The term capsule wardrobe should therefore describe a small wardrobe in which you really only keep the most important things. It's about keeping things to a minimum, but with quality pieces that last and are timeless.

By purchasing basics that can be combined in many ways, you can follow current trends as well as appear very classic. Simple items of clothing can be spiced up with accessories and new combinations. There should not be more than 30 pieces in a capsule wardrobe including shoes per season.

A trend that was tailor-made for us

The concept of the capsule wardrobe comes particularly close to our own ideas of a sustainable way of life. We have always made sure that our products are made from only the best materials and are durable. It is better to have a few good pieces in the closet than a large quantity of poorly produced cheap goods.

30 pieces - how is that supposed to work?

Maybe you're already thinking that you'll never manage to reduce yourself to 30 pieces. But please don't give up here and read on for now. We'll tell you a few tricks on how to do it.

And by the way: The point here is not to give the number 30 an absoluteness. If it's 31 or 34 pieces, that's perfectly fine. It's more about an attitude, a rethinking - and not about mathematics.

Are you ready for a capsule wardrobe?

Look at the following 5 statements and answer them with yes or no. If you answered “yes” to 4 or even 5 of the questions, you are definitely ready for the Capsule Wardrobe project. If it's less, you might need a moment.


  • While fashion and clothing are important, they shouldn't be overstated either.
  • Although my closet is full, I almost always wear the same 10 pieces.
  • You often say "I don't have anything to wear" even though your closet is full, but for some reason you don't feel like wearing these things.
  • It happens that you find pieces in your closet that still have a price tag and you have never worn them.
  • You sometimes buy ill-fitting clothes just because they were on sale.

Sustainability plays an important role in the capsule wardrobe concept

Fortunately, especially in recent years, we have been dealing more and more with the topic of sustainability. In the field of fashion, this has many characteristics:

  • Turn towards less consumption in general.
  • More Conscious Shopping.
  • When buying new pieces, we pay more attention to quality and origin, fair trade or the use of organic cotton .
  • We realize that we should buy better quality because it lasts longer and uses fewer resources or the resources used are used more sensibly.

Around 2,500 liters of water are used to make a T-shirt

You have to keep in mind that on average around 2,500 liters of water are used in the production of a T-shirt. The cultivation of cotton is the driving factor here. If you only wear a cheap t-shirt for one season, you end up throwing away those 2,500 liters of water as well.

If, on the other hand, you buy fewer and high-quality pieces that you wear for several years, the amount of water can be justified much better. (Although it is of course clear that something has to be done here overall so that resources are used more responsibly.)

Capsule Wardrobe is the logical consequence of Slow Fashion

Another trendy word: slow fashion . This is about sustainable clothing that, in contrast to fast fashion (the term was adapted from fast food), was produced in an environmentally friendly manner and with respect for people. We want exactly these garments in our capsule wardrobe. If you want to read more about this topic , we recommend the article " A T-shirt for EUR 2.50 is as ignorant as it is cruel" in the Zeit magazine .

In 3 steps to the capsule wardrobe

If you want to learn more about the Capsule Wardrobe or try it out for yourself, it is best to proceed in 3 steps:


  1. Take your time going through your closet. You should get rid of items that you haven't worn for three months or more. You discard everything else: give it to a friend or buddy, donate it or sew something new out of it using the principle of upcycling. All pieces that do not match the current season are stored away.

  2. In the second step you take a good look at the remaining pieces. In the best case, you now have a set of basics and a few favorite pieces that can all be more or less combined with each other.

  3. When you buy a new piece, take another one out of the closet in its place. However, always make sure that you enjoy the whole concept. Everything should happen with a certain ease and not because you feel an external pressure. Only if you are completely convinced of the principle will you stick with it in the long term.

What does a woman need in her capsule wardrobe?

Basics that you can wear all year round form the eponymous basis for all other pieces. Depending on the season, fashion trend and taste, you add seasonal highlights. And this is what your new wardrobe could look like:

  • One light and one dark pair of jeans
  • A subtle skirt
  • A simple dress
  • A shirt blouse, various tops and T-shirts
  • Five pairs of shoes

So that you feel good and don't have to constantly feel like you're doing without something, you can always add to your seasonal pieces (but only in exchange). Buy the right statement pieces and you will always be able to conjure up something new from your basics.

In spring and summer you add a leather jacket, denim jacket or blazer, a row of shirts and chemises as well as Marlne pants, two more dresses, a dress that is a little more flashy and a summery skirt.

In autumn and winter you need a warm coat, a cozy jacket, some warm sweaters made of cotton or knitwear, some knitted jackets, a woolen dress, pretty velvet trousers and some warm accessories such as scarves etc.

What does a man need in his capsule wardrobe?

Of course, the same rules also apply to men. It all starts with basics and builds up from there. Here, too, it is important to supplement and combine these basics with smart pieces throughout the year. In any case, the basics include:

  • Classic shirts (black, white)
  • One or two suits
  • Two jeans and two chinos in muted colors
  • Five T-shirts in plain colors
  • One or two sweatshirts
  • Four pairs of shoes

Depending on the season, men also add a few pieces to their wardrobe. In spring and summer, these are a leather or denim jacket, a trench coat, some shorts, as well as some brightly colored, cheerful shirts.

In autumn and winter you add a coat, a weatherproof jacket, some cozy jumpers, a cardigan and turtleneck, warm trousers and winter accessories such as scarves and gloves to your wardrobe.

Categories help with the selection

Basically, there are six categories of situations in which you have to carry something:

sports, kids, travel

theatre, parties

Baking, TV

Work: office. meetings

Free time
: going out to eat

Everyday life:


Now you select three of these categories that best correspond to your current life situation. These will help you later to find out which pieces you really (still) need and which you don't.

In order to meet the stylistic requirements of the categories, you should select suitable clothing. If you often go to the opera, you won't get that far with only jeans. If, on the other hand, you are mostly at home, you probably do not need a large selection of evening dresses.

So, according to the previously selected categories, select the amount of pieces described above. You should always keep an eye on the combinability, the quality and how practical the piece is.

Don't let it drive you crazy

If there is a part that you absolutely don't want to part with, even though it doesn't quite fit and is also in one of the other categories, then don't give it away either. Put it in a box and slide it under your bed.

In this way, the part is still there, but at least out of the closet. Next year you can look at the box again and make a new decision.

And by the way: You always have 3 jokers for pieces that are actually too many, don't fit into the categories, are too narrow or have too much glitter. But they are jokers and you can do whatever you want with them!

Your children can also have a capsule wardrobe

The good thing about children is that they grow and grow - and grow. As a result, you always have to exchange old clothes for new ones anyway, because the old ones have become too small. You can then pass these on to friends and relatives or even donate them.

If you pay attention to good quality here, several generations of babies and children will enjoy the high-quality parts. With Cozy Roots and our high-quality baby tops , pants and much more, you are on the right track. Our mission and company philosophy is to produce high-quality clothing for babies and children that not only lasts for generations, but is also timelessly beautiful. You can create the perfect capsule wardrobe for your child with our garments, because all pieces can be combined with each other.

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