Mobile basteln: 3 nachhaltige Ideen

Make mobile: 3 sustainable ideas

A mobile not only looks cute, but also really has a purpose - or even several. First of all, a mobile can relax and soothe your child. The gentle movements and the recognition of the shapes and colors bring calm, security and security.

In addition, it stimulates the baby's sensory perception. Small children perceive the mobile optically, tactilely and also acoustically, if e.g. B. bells are attached. When the baby tries to reach for the mobile, the motor skills are trained. If the mobile is stable and attached deep enough, feeling and touching the materials will also lead to improved coordination and tactile development. Please also note our information at the end of this article.

Tinker mobile: Doing it yourself is much more fun

Of course you can buy any imaginable model of mobiles, but it is much more fun if you make a mobile for your most valuable treasure yourself. In such a case, you can also be sure that you are only using the best, most sustainable and genuinely vegan materials.

Since the topics of sustainability and the environment are particularly important to us, we have put together 3 vegan ideas for making a baby mobile for you below.

Toy mobile with sheep made from leftover fabric

Mobile made from scraps of fabric and straw

Get a ring made of metal or wood with a diameter of up to 30 centimeters. Next, take a piece of fabric or felt and cut out two cloud outlines of the same size. Now you sew the edges of the two parts together to 75%, fill the cloud with straw, coconut fibres, other scraps of fabric or dried herbs such as chamomile blossoms etc. and sew it up completely.

Then you attach a natural cord to the cloud and tie the cloud to the metal or wooden ring. Make 5 to 10 clouds of different sizes and attach them to the ring at different heights. Add a bell here and there for an extra sonic effect. Attach four longer pieces of cord to the ring itself and hang everything from a hook under the ceiling or from an attached bracket on the bed.

Mobile made of natural branches

Find two (or more) nice gnarled branches in the forest and dry them well. Remove the bark and grind it clean. Finally treat the branches with some olive oil and tie them crosswise with jute cords. If you want to use more than two branches, tie three more branches together crosswise, for example. Ideally, all branches have different lengths and thicknesses - it just looks nicer in the end.

Now you take the first cross and attach a cord in the middle to tie the mobile to a ceiling hook, for example. Now take the second cross of three made of branches and hang it in the middle at a distance of about 15 centimeters under the first cross. In the last step you can attach various objects to the branches, such as colorful balls of fabric, small stuffed animals, home-made sun, moon and stars made of cardboard, handmade little sheep, filled hearts made of natural cotton, wooden figures you have painted yourself or whatever else you can think of.

Crafts with vegan wool

There is now a huge selection of non-animal yarns that can be used like wool. Some are even reminiscent of velvet or super soft cashmere. You can make pretty stuffed animals out of vegan wool and then attach them to the mobile.

Fairy Tale Mobile

You can also tell a whole story with a mobile. It is best to use two rings of different sizes made of wood or metal, which you connect with each other at a distance of 15 to 30 centimeters using cord, jute or metal link chains. The larger ring should be at the top and the smaller one at the bottom.

Now you create a series of objects and characters from your favorite fairy tale. Let's take Hansel and Gretel as an example: Make several trees, fir trees, a little house, an oven, Hansel, Gretel, a wolf, grandma and a basket out of cardboard, wood or even sewn and filled parts and hang everything at irregular heights with cord on the two rings. In this way you can bring any kind of fairy tale or story to life beautifully and individually.

Baby Mobile FAQs:

Finally, we have collected some questions and answers about mobile for babies for you:

Where to hang a baby mobile?
Two places are particularly good for a baby mobile. At the crib, the mobile helps to weigh the child in safety and to give him a sense of security. The movements calm the child and help him to sleep better.

At the changing table, the distraction provided by a mobile is particularly interesting, as otherwise the child will quickly get bored and cry. A mobile helps to calm the child here as well and to be able to carry out the diaper changing quickly and easily.

At what age does a baby mobile make sense?
Clearly from the first day of life. Babies are able to perceive nearby objects from day one. A low-hanging mobile in bold colors can therefore bring joy and calm to the baby from a very early age.
Should you adjust the height?
If the baby can stand up or gain strength, it could tear off the mobile and heavy parts could injure the child. It is therefore best to always hang the mobile a little higher so that the baby can admire it but cannot reach it.

Have fun crafting your first baby mobile

We hope you enjoyed our crafting tips and the mobile will bring your child a lot of joy. Speaking of joy - if you want to make yourself and your little darling happy in a completely different way, just browse through our shop and take a look at our vegan booties and fairly produced, practical baby clothes .

Toy mobile with crocheted animal figures

One last tip: crocheting is very trendy. So how about a mobile with exclusively self-crocheted figures filled with wild herbs hanging from it? Your imagination knows no boundaries.

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