Herbstbasteln mit Kindern: 3 kreative Ideen

Autumn crafts with children: 3 creative ideas

Colorful leaves, shiny chestnuts and rustling leaves - autumn simply has a very special flair. A walk in autumn is a special highlight for children, because between chestnuts, acorns, autumn leaves and the like there are all kinds of natural materials to collect and do handicrafts. If you go through the autumn with open eyes, you can hardly avoid craft ideas. And the many events in autumn such as St. Martin, Halloween and Thanksgiving also offer welcome opportunities for handicraft fun with the minis. So that autumn crafting with children is also fun for you as parents and you achieve great results from the crafting, we have 3 creative craft projects for you and your kids.

DIY with natural materials: autumn crafts with children

Handicrafts with children are a great way to make autumn decorations from natural materials such as chestnuts, acorns and the like in just a few simple steps. On a nice walk with you parents, you can use the treasures of nature and collect handicraft materials. Even small children have one or the other handicraft idea, because autumn has all kinds of things ready with which, with a little imagination, the greatest works of art can be created. You probably already have carvings with pumpkins for Halloween and a chic lantern for the Martin parade on your craft list. We have a few craft ideas for you and your kids that go beyond chestnut figures and the obligatory fall leaf window mural.

#1 Wind and light play

What you need:
  • Beautiful, colorful glass marbles
  • Acorns with a hat
  • A needle
  • Wool or sturdy yarn

How it goes:

Let the autumn leaves really rustle and take a trip into nature. For this beautiful fall decoration idea, you should look out for large, massive trees: the oak. Between colorful autumn leaves you can find the fruits of the oak, the acorns that we will need later for crafting. Make sure that the hat is present on the acorns.

When you get home, you and the children carefully remove the acorn cap from the nut. Thread the yarn or wool onto the hook and carefully poke through the hat to create a loop for hanging. Then comes the difficult part. Let your children find the right hat for the marbles and glue it all together. Hang the play of light in different lengths on a branch or beam and watch how the falling sun breaks the light and creates the most beautiful patterns and rainbows.

#2 Magical Leaves Light

Autumn, with its cool, golden days, thunderstorms and rustling leaves, is an invitation to curl up on the sofa and listen to stories in the candlelight. A nice craft idea to bring autumn home or onto your balcony are works of art made from autumn leaves, which children can of course find in abundance everywhere in autumn. But be careful: When there are leaves and fire, you parents should always keep an eye on them, especially with small children, so that the initial fun does not turn into a misfortune.

What you need:

  • Colorful autumn leaves, beautiful large leaves
  • balloons
  • glue (or alternatively flour and water)
  • tea lights


How it goes:

Prepare a collection of beautiful, large, colorful autumn leaves. It's best to keep an eye out for trees like maples and oaks, which have large leaves that are great for crafting. Clean the leaves and set them aside. Blow up the balloons, not too big, because you don't want to make lanterns, but a leaf light. Now comes the fun: Let your children smear the balloons with glue and glue the leaves halfway on. Put another layer of glue on top and let it dry well. When the glue has hardened, the kids can carefully pop the balloons. What remains is a bowl of colorful leaves in which you can now place a tea light. Parents should do the lighting to keep everything whole.

#3 Fall Crafts for Little Kids: Watercolor Craft Ideas

Fall crafts with young children can be quite a challenge. Many instructions with great craft ideas are still too complicated for the children or require a lot of help from the parents. That's why we've been on the lookout for ideas that are easy to implement even for the very small and don't require any special products. With our craft ideas, the minis can concentrate on finding chestnuts and pine cones, and stones also offer a great surface for ideas and colours. And there is still enough time in kindergarten for more complicated autumn crafts, such as a lantern in the look of an owl.


What you need:

  • stones
  • chestnuts
  • pinecone
  • leaves
  • watercolors
  • Paint brush

How it goes:

When crafting with chestnuts, leaves and more, the most important thing is that your children enjoy collecting. Colorful autumn handicrafts can then begin at home, let your children find their flow and bring in their own ideas. Maybe they want to paint the chestnuts brightly and sprinkle them with glitter or print them on fabric with the leaves they have collected. Giving children room for creativity and ideas when crafting encourages independence while creating lots of artwork, window decorations and pictures for everyone to enjoy. Lean back and watch your little artists breathe new life into the collected treasures with great ideas using just a few crafts.


Maybe you thought until just now that autumn handicrafts with children is a complicated thing, where the parents have to sit there alone and have little desire to handcraft their children's leaves. With our creative ideas, handicrafts in autumn become a cozy event for the whole family. Have fun crafting, we look forward to seeing pictures of your creations!

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