Basteln für Weihnachten: Kreative Ideen für jedes Alter

Crafts for Christmas: creative ideas for all ages

Autumn has hardly arrived, which already leaves plenty of room for creative DIY ideas, and you are already in the starting blocks for Christmas handicrafts. Snowflakes for the windows, Christmas decorations, advent calendars and more - Christmas is probably the best time for craft enthusiasts. Handicrafts for Christmas are especially fun with children, because the joy of the little ones is simply contagious. However, some handicraft instructions are more for older children or mum and dad have to help a lot in order to achieve a nice result in the end. That's why we've collected craft ideas for you that are suitable for all ages. Even the little ones can conjure up great Christmas decorations and DIY gifts for your favorite people.

Great ideas on how to do crafts with your kids for Christmas

Handicrafts for Christmas are a special highlight every year. Not only because parents and the magic of Christmas make children's eyes light up, but also because you can try out all kinds of creative handicrafts during the Advent season. It often doesn't take much, you may already have most of the materials at home. And so an idea and a bit of creativity paired with lots of fun can result in great Christmas tree decorations, window pictures or personalized gifts. So that even the little ones can decorate and do handicrafts with little help, we have instructions for you that are ideal for all ages. On your marks - tinker! Come on!

Personalized Christmas Cards

To bring even more joy and contemplation into the Advent season, you can easily make personalized Christmas cards with your child. The most beautiful creations are created without any frills or complicated instructions. Try it:

What you need:

  • Craft paper or construction paper in dark, Christmas colors
  • Finger paints or watercolors
  • Optional pictures of you or your child

How it goes:

Cut out the construction paper in A5 size. Now stick a picture or write your child's name, "Merry Christmas" or other greetings on the Christmas cards in simple letters. Your child can then color them in. On the other side you draw a Christmas tree or a star. Your child can now leave small fingerprints on the drawing with water colors or finger paints and fill it in with colour. The beautiful and personal Christmas cards are ready.

Upcycled Christmas tree ornaments

Who actually says that a Christmas tree like this always has to be decorated in red and gold? We are sure that children have their own creative DIY tree decoration ideas of how the perfect Christmas decoration should actually look like. A great upcycling idea for fir trees, which is even super sustainable, needs absolutely nothing that you don't already have at home. Let your child choose the color and see how brightly colored your Christmas decorations will shine.

What you need:

  • Empty rolls of toilet paper or kitchen roll
  • watercolors
  • cord or wool

How it goes:

Have your child paint the scrolls in the colors of their choice. This can be super colorful or in classic Christmas colors. Maybe you can even add some glitter to the Christmas tree with gold and silver pens. Now you cut the rolls into even strips of about 0.5 cm, so that you get small rings. You can now flatten the rings and glue the ends together to form a star. With a piece of string or wool, the resulting tree decoration can now be easily hung in the Christmas tree.

Advent wreath from the tin

The Advent wreath accompanies you and your family until Christmas. It's all the nicer when it's decorated and made by children. There are many different instructions: simple bundles with branches, tied fir branches and pine cones or, in a very minimalistic way, four candles without decoration. We want our instructions to be fun for children, so we decided on a simple Advent wreath that can accompany you for many Christmases.

What you need:

  • 4 old preserves, preferably in different sizes
  • a nail
  • a hammer
  • Heat Resistant Colors
  • Pine cones and branches for decoration

How it goes:

Old canned goods accumulate quickly. To the delight of children, there are a great many ideas and instructions on how to upcycle the old cans, for example as a contemplative Advent wreath. So that you can use the boring preserves as a beautiful decoration in Advent, they must first be rinsed out and freed from their labels. Now it's getting more difficult, here children can certainly need the help of adults: A hole pattern, for example poinsettias or the numbers 1 - 4, can now be punched into the cans with a nail and a hammer. Make sure that you always work from the outside in so that nobody can cut themselves on the sharp sheet metal. If you like, you can paint the cans, but the shiny metal can also be seen without paint. Equipped with candles, this wreath brings a wonderful glow to the Christmas season. Decorate your cans with pine cones and branches, for example on a tray or small table. When the candles are lit, your stars will cast an amazing pattern on the wall.

Christmas Decoration: Perfectly Imperfect

When doing handicrafts with children, it is not important that the DIY ideas are implemented perfectly or that the Christmas decorations win prizes. It's about the fun of crafting, the time you spend together and decorating together as a family. For example, it is also a good tip to fill the children's advent calendar with joint activities and handicrafts instead of small items and sweets. The greatest DIY gifts can be conjured up from corks, cans, glasses and the like. Wire reindeer, paper stars, homemade wrapping paper - and none of it has to be perfect. On the contrary: The gift ideas come from the heart. And that's what makes them particularly imperfectly perfect.

We are happy if we were able to provide you with great, new craft ideas for the Christmas season with children. Bring the magic of Christmas into your home and let us be a part of it. We look forward to many great pictures of the children's homemade Christmas decorations.

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