Schluss mit Chaos: 5 einfache Schritte, um Deinen Kleiderschrank zu organisieren

No more chaos: 5 easy steps to organize your closet

Things that only parents understand: the wardrobe of the offspring is always top notch. Marie Kondo would jump in circles with joy when she saw how much love and dedication each piece of clothing was neatly folded and sorted into different sections of the wardrobe. By color, of course. And then you stand lost in thought in front of your own wardrobe, long lost track of things and wondering how that could have happened. The chaos of the clothes pile that was once an organized closet, piles of clean clothes in laundry baskets and on “the chair” we all know and love, overstuffed drawers and empty hangers. Not anymore! In 5 simple steps, we'll show you how you can organize your closet - and, ideally, how to keep the newly gained order.

Wardrobe organizing tips: How to organize shelves, drawers, etc.

When the drawers are overflowing, the shelves are empty and only empty hangers are dangling from the clothes rail, while piles of clothing have taken up your bedroom, it quickly becomes clear: you have lost track. But help is at hand! Step by step, we give you tips and ideas on how to organize your closet. With our system, tidying up will be easy for you and you can reclaim the space in your closet. The best tricks for more order in the closet:

Searching was yesterday - get an overview in your closet

Thanks to the fast fashion industry and fast-moving fashion trends, more clothing accumulates over the course of life than you probably would like. You can now find the results of numerous shopping escapades in your chaotic wardrobe. If you want to organize this because you are sinking into chaos and can't stand the clutter any longer, it is essential that you first get an overview of your clothes. The best way to do this is to take the individual parts out of the cupboard, classify them into categories and stack them. So you have a stack of pants, a stack of t-shirts, a stack of sweaters, and so on. With the help of this stack organization we now come to the next step.

Everything must go - get rid of legacy issues

Once you start organizing your closet and tidying it up, you can hardly avoid sorting it out. You may still have many of your clothes and shoes from other times and life situations, perhaps you simply no longer like some items of clothing or no longer feel right. Go through your stacks part by part and get rid of all the clothes that no longer make you feel good. You can, for example, donate discarded and unloved clothing, sell it at the flea market or online platforms, or distribute the clothes among friends. This gives the clothes a chance for a new life and you don't waste the valuable resources used to make the clothes.

A cabinet with structure

Too much space in the closet tempts you to use it. In order to bring more structure into your closet and to be able to put your outfit together at a glance, it makes sense to massively reduce the closet and thus the storage space. Instead of losing clothes in a large closet with a lot of space, you can use a clothes rail, for example. For example, one idea for a better organization system is to organize your clothes on hangers. This way you automatically have more order and can see at a glance what you have and how you can combine different pieces. It also helps many people to sort their clothes by color and only have seasonal favorites visible in the closet.

Less is more - organize according to the capsule wardrobe principle

You've probably heard of a capsule wardrobe before. Actively reducing clothing to basic items that can be combined with one another is an absolute game changer when it comes to organizing your closet. When it comes to your children’s clothing, you are sure to pay attention to sustainability and slow fashion, such as our selected items of clothing made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. We rely on the highest quality and timeless cuts and styles so that many generations can enjoy them. And in your wardrobe, too, you should start focusing on good quality and the best workmanship. It is better to have a small, clear selection of clothing instead of masses that are not used. You can learn more about the Capsule Wardrobe and how you can rearrange your wardrobe according to this system in our article on the subject.

Persevere - New routines take time

You've made it, your wardrobe finally doesn't look like cabbage and turnips anymore and with just a few simple steps you have a complete overview of your clothes and shoes. The real challenge that is making your head ache is how to keep your newfound order in the closet. But don't panic, routines take time. Stay tuned and try again and again with our tips to banish the clutter from your closet. Regression is okay and part of life. But if you pull yourself together again and again and tackle the problem by the collar, you will soon get your clothes under control and your home will benefit from the order in your closet.

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