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What actually is green fashion?

When you hear the term green fashion, you probably first think of clothes in the color green. And while green dresses, skirts, t-shirts and shoes have their appeal, green fashion is about much more. It's a challenge to the fast fashion industry, a way of life. But what exactly is green fashion? When is fashion sustainable and what do organic seals, working conditions and materials have to do with fair fashion? So that you can better understand the production of the garments in your wardrobe and get an overview of why fairly produced textiles and products are a topic that should concern everyone, we have highlighted the background of Gründer Mode.

Green fashion: More than just fair fashion

But what exactly is green fashion? It takes more than a collection of fairly produced, vegan clothing, as many big fast fashion brands like to do, to be able to take up the cause of green fashion. It's not just about fabrics, materials and textiles - it's about the people, the resources and the impact the products have on the environment. Ecological, sociological and ethical aspects of production must be taken into account.

The material for sustainable clothing

When selecting the materials for clothing, attention is paid to the sustainability of the fabrics, among other things. For example, organic cotton is used instead of conventional cotton because it does not use chemicals and pesticides, which saves valuable resources. Organic cotton uses much less water than conventional cotton. If you are interested in the topic of organic cotton, please read our article " Everything about organic cotton: cultivation, guidelines, seal ", in which we explain the sustainable aspects of cotton in more detail. In order to be sure that the materials used by fair fashion labels really meet the requirements of sustainable fashion, you should pay attention to the corresponding seals such as the GOTS seal.

In October 2021 we at Cozy Roots received this seal and thus had ourselves certified as a certified sustainable company. With our eco-fashion for children, we break with the prejudices of the past that fair fashion brands are old-fashioned and, above all, unstylish. We don't follow trends, but focus on timeless clothing with a simple design that doesn't go out of style. Our collections can be combined with each other and are guaranteed vegan, so that no animal was exploited in the manufacturing process. The quality of our materials is second to none.

Sustainable fashion: people in the foreground

Fairly produced clothing also means: fair working conditions and fair wages for everyone involved in the process of manufacturing, transporting and selling the clothing. Most clothing is produced outside of Germany in countries such as Turkey, India and China in order to save on transport routes. But the textile industry in these countries is often criticized, because many brands in the fast fashion industry that produce there accept child labor, starvation wages and forced labor in order to have their clothes manufactured cheaply. The opposite is the case with the production of green fashion. Strict ethical and sociological criteria and conditions must be met so that brands can sell their clothing as sustainable fashion - without doing greenwashing.

We are proud that the people who produce our clothes for us are more than just workers. Our studio in Turkey meets all our criteria and high standards in terms of quality, materials and fair working conditions. Our sustainable fashion is created lovingly by hand and satisfies all our ethical conditions that should go hand in hand with fair fashion. The processing of the garments is subject to our quality controls, because we only want the best - for nature and for your child.

What comes around goes around

Green fashion is also referred to as a circular economy. Recycling concepts play a key role in this, as this can ensure that raw materials and resources are reused as well as possible in the future. There are the following keywords in the recycling concepts of the textile industry:

  • Reuse : Whether it's upcycling, second-hand or clothing passed on within family and friends - the best thing for raw materials and resources is when they are reused.
  • Reduce : Less is more. Try a capsule wardrobe to minimize your closet, or go shopping for a month without consumption. Maybe you will discover completely new combinations in your wardrobe, because fashion should be fun.
  • Recycle : The processing of raw materials to create new products, materials and fashion from them conserves resources and is good for nature, the environment and people.

Our slippers are made from sustainable and recycled material from PET bottles . It is more tear-resistant, lighter, dries faster and nestles perfectly on your baby's feet. You can be sure that our products are consistently fair, sustainable and of high quality in processing. The fashion for your child should not harm nature, but give pleasure in the long term. We want to create awareness for the environmental aspects of fashion.

Slow fashion instead of fast fashion

Green fashion is on the rise. More and more brands are taking the step towards fairly produced and vegan clothing. You can set an example with your consumption. The fewer people shopping for fast fashion, the more the way is paved for the designers and clothes from sustainable production. The effects that a change in the fashion industry could have would quickly benefit nature, people and ultimately our children. Green fashion does not mean doing without, it means rethinking, shopping differently and questioning the way you shop, changing something and asking yourself with every new collection whether you really need the new T-shirts, pants or accessories.

Cozy Roots sells sustainable baby shoes and baby fashion for young, modern families who care about the environment. Sustainable clothing is our topic, environmental protection is important to us. We want to produce long-lasting fashion that is timeless, suits everyone and makes everyone happy in the long term. Our models are unisex, made from organic cotton that has been certified with the GOTS seal and from sustainable production. Free of chemicals, we want to offer you added value for your wardrobe.

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